Welcome to Planted To Earth, 

We are bringing you a fresh approach to beauty, free from the limitations of traditional skincare and liberate your skin from the confines of mainstream beauty standards. Our 100% plant-based organic personal care products are made with highly effective ingredients that are gentle on your skin and kind to the environment.

You are invited to explore our revolutionary movement towards skincare liberation. Break free from harmful additives and fillers to embrace a new era of truly clean, sustainable beauty that celebrates nature with a different mindset.
 All of our ingredients are farm sourced and formulated to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin that radiates beauty from within. 

We are pushing the envelope to understand the root causes of skin conditions and overall health to formulate the purest and ultra healthy products. Just as you shake an ALL NATURAL beverage before drinking it, we use the same mentality with skincare. We have searched all over the world to find the cleanest results driven, plant-based organic ingredients while formulating all of our products WITHOUT the use of any chemicals, texturizers, scent modifiers, dyes, fragrance, fillers, synthetics, harsh preservatives or emulsifiers and no BS.

The brand was first conceived in the fall of 2019, it was a meaningful night where conversations led to a realization of the lack of truly clean personal care products on the market. One thing led to the next and wall-a Planted To Earth was born. Founder, Seth Falk has always found passion in what he does. Living a healthy lifestyle became extremely important to his well being ever since a near fatal automobile accident over 16 years ago which left him in the hospital for 4 months and resulted in him ultimately losing the use of his left arm. This ultimately gave him a deeper purpose and new appreciation for life. He works in the CPG space both with product developments & innovation for award winning brands wit’s the food & beverage industry, health & beauty and luxury home goods. Long story short he created Planted To Earth a “better-for-you"  brand, because the lack of truly clean products on the market who’s focus is on long term benefits and results. Instead even leading “clean brands” focus their developments on products that are aesthetically pleasing which compromises quality and can lead to poor heath.

Join us for this noble cause towards a healthier, more sustainable future to redefine much more than just skincare. Together, lets make a positive impact on the well-being of this planet with truly clean healthy formulated products while educating the individual to proper longterm health from the outside-in.

All of our formulas are original, developed and tested by us, on real people — never on animals. We package in glass, *PCR, using plastic only when necessary and on a mission to be a 100% sustainable brand by 2025.

*PCR (post consumer recycled or post consumer resin) refers to products that have been used by consumers, collected and then processed for reuse in manufacturing. This type of recycling is particularly valuable since it keeps items from entering into landfill or incineration sites, which can harm the environment in a number of ways. It also reduces the demand for virgin materials, helping to conserve natural resources