Planted To Earth products are not just Vegan, Plant Based, Organic and synthetic free they have been developed with extensive research to formulate the most suitable skin repairing skincare products on the market. We create each mixture with the entire skin and body in mind while thinking about the experience and long term effects as well.

While have been developing this innovative skincare line to be more than just soaking your body or using just another beauty product. We can honestly say its much much more.


Face Oil Uses




A) Use cleanser daily. Toner optional!

B) Exfoliate 2 times a week. 

C) Apply organic face oil elixirs daily. Remember a little goes a long way & periodically skip a day.

D) Apply spf only if in sun for a prolonged time.


A) Again use your favorite plant based cleansers & bath & facial products.

B) Apply plant-based treatment serums 3-5 days weekly.

Skin Soak Uses:

  • Bath Soak- For best results, fill bathtub with hot water and then pour the entire contents of pouch and watch it start to do its magnificence. It is suggested to soak in tub for 25 minutes.
  • Hand soak- Take 2 TBS of the mixure and 1 ½-2 cups of hot water per hand and mix together in bowl and soak for 15 minutes.
  • Intense Foot soak- Use 1/3 of the pouch and dissolve in hot water into foot basin.

 Skin Mask Uses: 

Measure 1TBS of mixture and mix with 1-2 TSP of water

  • Face mask- Gently massage onto face and let set until completely dry then wash off with water.
  • Cuticle repair- Use your fingers to massage through and all around cuticles or any damaged area. Massage for 5 minutes then let absorb into skin for 5 additional minutes. For double bonus, massage both your hands and feet at same time, massages between fingers and all around toes/cuticles.
  • Foot peel- Rub a thick layer over toes, cuticles, and rest of foot. Both top and bottom, make sure to get a solid layer but not too thick then it is recommended to let dry and wash off.
  • Scars or damaged skin areas- Mix together and apply to affected areas. Leave for 15 minutes to allow formulation to absorb into skin.